Upcycled Toy Planter - Large Silver and Gold Striped Tiger with Air Plant
3 available


Ok ok... I admit it. I have the teensiest tiniest obsession with gold and silver paint schemes. But, for real, how could I NOT deck this tiger out in silver with gold stripes?!? He's thanking me. Trust me :)

This air plant is incredibly easy to care for. It doesn't require soil, so it's simply placed in the planter but can be removed and changed out at any time. Tillandsia absorb water through their leaves, so it just needs to be run under the faucet or dunked in a glass of water once a week and put near bright filtered light. I'll include a care sheet with every planter for your reference.

Height (including plant): 7"
Width: 3"
Length: 9"

Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact me through etsy with any questions!

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